Neuro Resource Group Devices Accessories Recall

Neuro Resource Group, Inc. manufacturers a variety of medical devices that are sold to people throughout the world. The devices are co-packaged with a variety of accessories, such as, alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs, and alcohol swab sticks that are manufactured by Triad located in the United States. However, a recall of these accessories was recently announced because of an identified risk that the accessories have been contaminated by Bacillus cereus which is a form of bacteria.

This is especially a concern for people who have had surgery, those with weakened immune systems and those who are frail which elevates the risk of developing a life threatening infection from the bacteria.

There are several ways that the affected lots could be labeled, including the terms “Select”, “Select Medical Products”; “PSS Select”, or “PSS World Medical, Inc”. Consumers are being advised to immediately discard the alcohol wipes, known as Triad Group’s Alcohol Prep Pads, associated with the affected lots. Consumers should go directly to the manufacturer’s website to see lot   numbers that are part of the recall or contact the manufacturer directly.  Consumers who must discard their alcohol wipes can visit a local pharmacy and can ask the pharmacist about an appropriate replacement so that the consumers can still use Neuro Resource Group’s devices.    Consumers may also call Neuro Resource Group direct for replacement wipes at 1-877-314-6500.

The Neuro Resource Group’s devices are not contaminated and are still safe to use so the device should not be discarded.

Anyone who feels that they are ill or showing symptoms of an infection should contact their physician immediately.

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