Please attend the 2011 Sorrow to Strength Conference for Truck Accident Victims, their families and all other interested people.  This truck safety conference will be held in Washington, DC from Saturday, April 30th to Tuesday, May 3rd.  We hope to bring together families and friends of truck crash victims and truck crash survivors.  There is no charge, and the conference is open to all survivors, advocates, and legal/medical/other related professionals interested in truck safety.   This is an opportunity to join with others  for a weekend of sharing, remembrance, and workshops.  On Monday and Tuesday the participants will bring their messages for improved truck safety policies and laws to Capitol Hill and the Department of Transportation during meetings which will be pre-arranged for those with something to say about truck safety and attended by a Truck Safety Coalition staff member.

If you are interested in attending,or have any questions call the truck safety organization at 888.353.4572 or 703.294.6404.  You can also send an email to  More information will be posted at in the near future.

You may also contact Burton A. Padove a truck safety member for more information on this conference, truck safety issues and for truck and tractor trailer accident representation.  Attorney Burton Padove accepts trucking negligence cases for seriously injured victims on a no recovery-no fee basis. Truck/car collisions result in wrongful death, brain injuries, paralysis, fractured bones, internal damage, pain, suffering , disability, disfigurement and lost income every day, not only on the interstates, but in towns and on highways and roads everywhere.

If you, your family or a friend have suffered damages, incurred medical expenses from an accident involving an 18 wheeler or any other size truck and need assistance in asserting your rights for justice and compensation, contact truck safety and accident lawfirm PADOVE LAW, toll free at (877) 446 5294 for a free consultation.    For more information  visit or

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