Colon Cleanser Internet Warning

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has placed a temporary receiver over Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. There were also several other companies involved, including: iLife Health and Wellness LLC, Simply Naturals LLC, Fit for Life LLC, and Health and Beauty Solutions LLC.  These are Internet based companies. The colon cleansers distributed by Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. and its affiliates have been directed to stop selling Colopure and their company assets are being frozen, according to the FTC.

Internet sales rip offs totaling $30 million in 2009 have been based on “deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices”. There have been over 2,800 complaints filed with law enforcement agencies and the Better Business Bureau.

Buyers will be able to participate in a risk free trial by producing evidence of illegal billing. The estimates of people affected in the scam total approximately 1 million.

There has also been a trademark infringement complaint filed against 40 Internet marketers. Internet sales rip offs are now one of the most recent biggest scams that is occurring in the U.S.

AcaiPure, distributed by Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. and its affiliates, is a weight-loss supplement, marketed for helping people lose up to 25 pounds in the first months.  This drug was also removed from the market.  Colopure was marketed as a preventative colon cancer treatment.

When purchasing products on the Internet, consumers must be extremely careful. It’s wise to view multiple websites in order to evaluate the differences in quality and credibility of the site. Phoned in call purchases are always the best option. It’s wise to look for a “lock” icon on the website where you are making a purchase before entering your credit card information. You can also ask the vendor to delete your credit card information following your purchase to eliminate the risk of getting charged for items that you no longer want to be charged for.   Repetitive charges from Internet companies are common and you’ll want to reduce those risks as much as possible.

If you, your family or a friend have suffered damages and incurred medical expenses from a defective product, and need assistance in asserting your rights for justice and compensation, contact PADOVE LAW, toll free at (877) 446 5294 for a free consultation.


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