Jury Selection Process Revised?

After the District Attorney Armando R. Villalobos of Cameron County in Texas announced that he was considering reviewing Facebook profiles as part of the jury selection process, it is suspected that this criterion may eventually become a part of all candidates involved in the jury selection process.   Jurors must submit names and basic information, such as employers, religion, and children. Attorneys can also check Google through their smart phones to identify any questionable items.

It’s interesting to see how the Internet has played a role in law. The biggest issue has been fraudulent purchasing activities. Obviously, online purchases are very appealing.  A hassle-free purchase experience is highly desirable in today’s market.  The Internet offers a great convenience.  The Internet also offers a wide variety of items to choose from in varying styles. This allows for a much broader selection of items to select from which provides for a greater shopping experience.

By the same token, the Internet is associated with risks and warnings. The FTC Rules govern Internet purchases.  It is known that in Internet purchases the requirement of the FTC states that goods must be shipped at the time that is stated on the website. Goods must be shipped within thirty days of your purchase when there is no time specified for delivery of the purchase.

The FTC also requires that you receive a notice that informs you of any delay or the expectation of delivery. Many states have additional laws over the federal regulations.

Fraud is another area of concern on the Internet. It is difficult on the Internet to know if a website is fraudulent. Having a nice, easy to navigate, well-written website does not mean that the company is legitimate.  Consumers should only make purchases on a website when there is a lock icon on the website.

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